Fishing tips for beginners

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Steinhatchee Fall Fishing Inshore

From late September through December, Florida’s Big Bend is one of the hottest inshore fishing zones in the state. During the fall season, the weather is warm but starts to become cooler. This is the time period for fish migration. They come closer to the warmer, near shore water. It’s a great opportunity to catch fish and take them home.

Going on a fishing trip for the very first time? Nothing to worry about. In this basic fishing guide, you’ll find the information you need to get your first catch. 

Here are some fishing tips for beginners

  • Location: Where are you planning to fish? From a dock, boat or another spot? We recommend gathering as much information as you can about the place you are going to. 
  • Gear: Having your gear handy and ready will help you make the process easier and run smoothly. A must have list can help to  ensure you have all you need.
  • Safety: Make sure you have all the necessary equipment to go on a safe fishing trip. Still not sure what you need to go fishing? This article is for you: Essentials to go fishing. 
  • Artificial baits: Use artificial baits – they won’t spoil and are durable.
  • License/regulations: Be aware of the regulations to go fishing. It’s important to know what the limits are. If you are planning to come to visit Steinhatchee, you can find the regulations here:
  • Enjoy: Fishing shouldn’t be done without its most essential element, fun. Enjoy this wonderful time with your loved ones. It’s proven that people who fish regularly enjoy a wide range of benefits.
  • Fishing is a unique family outdoors activity. It’s an unforgettable experience, but we need to take into consideration that, without following the correct steps, it can be a little overwhelming. 

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