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Steinhatchee fishing guides
Steinhatchee charters in florida
Steinhatchee scalloping and fishing
Steinhatchee fishing guides

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Steinhatchee fishing guides

Fishing Charters Steinhatchee

Scalloping in Florida

Join Captain Buddy Moorman for the fishing adventure of a lifetime. You’re guaranteed to have a blast!

My Fishing Buddy Charters leaves from Steinhatchee Marina at Deadman Bay located in the “Big Bend” region of Florida on the Steinhatchee River and less than 2 miles from the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Are you ready to book your trip with Buddy? Here’s a few things you should know:
This is a private charter that supplies
fishing rods & reels, artificial bait, ice and drinking water. 

Clients bring their own lunch, snacks and beverages. 

Fishing is an outdoor sport that is very accessible, not just financially but also in terms of planning.  People who fish regularly enjoy a wide range of benefits. It brings calm, taking in consideration that we are involved in never-ending projects, deadlines, and appointments that cause stress and anxiety. The time you spend fishing is time away from all of these pending concerns and close to nature.

You don’t need to worry about any fishing equipment when you come with us at My fishing Buddy Charters. We supply all fishing rods & reels, artificial bait, ice and drinking water. Are you ready to book your trip with Buddy? Call now or request a free quote! We’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

Steinhatchee and the Big Bend area are the best places to find scallops

How to catch scallops in Steinhatchee

Going scalloping is as simple as diving down 4 to 6 feet deep and grabbing some scallops from the seagrass. 

Sometimes, people like to cover lots of ground by swimming in circles all the way around the boat. Others simply go out and enjoy snorkeling in different areas while looking for the scallop shape in the grass. You can find beautiful blue eyes, but our Captains believe that in certain conditions you may not see blue eyes scallops.

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