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Scallop Steinhatchee, Florida



Steinhatchee and the Big Bend area are the best places to find scallops

The Florida Bay Scallop grows and lives in seagrass beds in shallow water (normally 4-10 feet deep). Today, healthy populations can only be found in selected locations along Florida’s west coast: St. Joseph Bay, the Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach areas of the Big Bend, and the areas near the Crystal and Homosassa rivers.

Scallops may be spotted on or at the bottom of seagrass beds.

Scallops sometimes swim away when they see you, but they do not swim fast. Keep collected scallops in a mesh bag, or else you might get pinched!

Scalloping Trips


for up to 6 people.

4 – 5 hour trip

1/2 & 1/2. Half day scalloping Half day fishing

$650.00, 8 hour trip.

Scallop Seaason in Steinhatchee, FL 2023

Steinhatchee is a unique and gorgeous river, and is known as a sportsman’s paradise! Florida’s scallop season is a highly anticipated time for both locals and visitors who enjoy underwater adventures and the thrill of scallop harvesting. The annual scallop season offers an exciting opportunity to explore Florida’s beautiful coastal waters while engaging in a fun and rewarding activity.

Scalloping Regulations 2023

In the Crystal River area, we’re allowed 2 gallons per person (10 gallons max per boat) or 1 pint of scallops shucked per person (1/2 gallon max per boat).

Our season begins July 1st and runs through September 24th.

For the complete regulations and harvesting laws check out FWC’s site here.

Call 352-812-3318 or contact online to book your Fishing Buddy!

Clients must provide their own masks, snorkels & fins. We provide ice and drinking water. Clients bring their own lunch, snacks and beverages. My license covers everyone on the boat.

Are you ready to book your trip with Buddy? Call now or fill the contact form below:

For more information you can fill out the contact form below or call us now (352-812-3318)


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