Essentials for fishing at Steinhatchee

gulf of mexico fishing

Going on a fishing charter at Steinhatchee is one of the best decisions you could make. You wouldn’t resist making it a habit! The Steinhatchee River is famous for its large population of trout and redfish. The wild land surrounding Steinhatchee and Jena is teeming with alligators, panthers, hogs, turkeys and all kinds of shore birds. Visiting Steinhatchee is all about spending quality time with nature. 

What do you need to take for your fishing trip

If you are planning your next unforgettable fishing adventure but are still wondering what you need to take for your fishing trip, you’re in the right place.

Here is a list of the most essential items you’ll need:


Personal items

  • Sun protection – If you’re coming to Steinhatchee for fishing, you need to know that sunblock can’t be missing in your bag. Enjoying a full fishing day is one of the benefits of having your sunblock handy, you don’t want to be inside the cabin away from all the fishing fun. 
  • Sunglasses – You don’t want to miss your target. The ocean’s reflective glare can be very uncomfortable and unsafe if you’re not wearing proteccion. Another item you cannot forget to carry. 
  • First aid kit – Another essential item in your list has to be medical equipment you think you, your family and friends might need on your fishing trip. Don’t forget to include a bug spray as well. 

Fishing items

You can’t fish without basic fishing gear, which includes the following items: fishing rod, reels, and bait. There are different sizes and types. 


We recommend that you take some extra items with you. They may not be essential for fishing but are great additions to a wonderful fishing trip.

  • A camera or smartphone so you can record your catches.
  • Swimsuit: Can’t forget your swimsuit when coming to fish at Steinhatchee, you might want to take a dip. 
  • Towel: It’s best to be over prepared. You won’t want to be wet – fishing can be a little messy.

These are some essentials for fishing at Steinhatchee. You also need to consider that wearing the correct clothes will help protect you and being comfortable is key.  Sneakers are recommended. Flip flops are not recommended at all. 

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