Fishing at Steinhatchee

fishing at Steinhatchee

Steinhatchee, Florida,  is an unincorporated community on the Gulf of Mexico at the southern end of State Road 51. It’s a great place to spend a laid back weekend or longer.  

You can fish, explore, cycle or just chill out.  It’s a unique place that you can’t miss the opportunity to visit. 

One of the most relaxing activities you can enjoy with your loved ones is fishing. We recommend you to come to visit this beautiful place, which has a lot of charm, it has Old Florida style places to stay in Steinhatchee. 


Fishing is an outdoor sport that is very accessible, not just financially but also in terms of planning.  People who fish regularly enjoy a wide range of benefits. It brings calm, taking in consideration that we are involved in never-ending projects, deadlines, and appointments that cause stress and anxiety. The time you spend fishing is time away from all of these pending concerns and close to nature. 

It’s always a good time to go fishing in Florida but, depending on the season, you’ll find the fish species you want to catch may be floating in the Steinhatchee river. 

Fishing at Steinhatchee

The Big Bend Coast where Steinhatchee is located is a drowned karst region covered with salt marsh. It includes freshwater springs, oyster reefs, and the delta of the Suwannee River.

The Big Bend Coast has little to no sand or mud and is full of pristine grass flats and clear water. The Gulf Coast, especially near the Steinhatchee area, is full of pristine grass flats and beautiful clear water.

The most popular fish species in Steinhatchee are the  Redfish and Speckled sea trout.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends in such an enchanted place at Steinhatchee. The captain license covers everyone in the boat. Call us for more information or fill out our contact form.